"If walking into a trendy wine shop or opening a phone-book-sized wine menu is all it takes to give some anxiety, try to develop your restaurant's wine list by yourself.  Expert guidance in this ever changing and often intimidating world of wine is key to the satisfaction of guests, as is the success of one's restaurant, those go hand in hand without saying. Brian's guidance does just that. His approach is holistic, unpretentious, practical yet innovative. I have worked with many sommeliers that compile cookie cutter wine lists that are either too esoteric or too basic.  Brian finds solutions for the business's bottom line while pleasing the most jaded and discerning palates. Brian pulls solutions from his veteran front of house experience in high-end hospitality environments as well as his formal wine education  through the court of master sommeliers. If you are looking for a down to earth consulting sommelier, look no further."

Mitch E. Chateau Montelena Napa, California

"I had the distinct pleasure to work alongside Brian in the midst of a renovation at our new restaurant. Brian took our beverage program to new heights that not only met, but exceeded the expectations of our membership.  He provided familiarity but also challenged and introduced the membership to new concepts and ideas.  Brian has not only left an everlasting impression on our club, but he has helped develop our management team to pursue further education to give us the tools we need to be successful."

Nathan W. Interlachen Country Club Minneapolis, Minnesota

"I had the privilege of working with Brian while making my way up in the culinary scene. I saw him get disappointed with his wine pairings because the chefs would create and not collaborate. Brian helped me work to my current goal of being a sous chef and I helped him by giving him a wider palette of our dishes. If he can taste, he pairs a wine to a remarkable level. He's trained at least two people at the Club in wine and both have received the starting sommelier level since then. He still works as a mentor to them, and they continue his legacy of tasting, pairing, and training. I would be almost overly enthusiastic to work with Brian again. Please trust me, he's good."

Kyle M. Wayzata Country Club Wayzata, Minnesota


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